N Korea fires 'projectiles' into waters: S. Korea

N Korea fires 'projectiles' into waters: S. Korea

N Korea fires 'projectiles' into waters: S. Korea

North Korea fired "several unidentified short-range projectiles" from Kittaeryong, Kangwon province, into the sea east of the Korean Peninsula, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said.

South Korea's president, Moon Jae-in, had been informed, Yonhap said. Dave Benham says the two missiles flew about 250 kilometers (155 miles).

He said that military would "proceed more thoroughly" with the ongoing Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise, a joint training drill between South Korea and the USA that started Monday. "I respect the fact that he is starting to respect us", Trump said of Kim.

U.S. Pacific Command said three missiles were fired, and U.S. officials said the weapons didn't pose a threat to the United States, including its territory of Guam.

North Korea's latest test comes at the same time as USA and South Korean forces participate in joint military exercises on the Korean Peninsula. They say the North may limit its reactions to low-level provocations like artillery and short-range missile launches.

Mr Tillerson's latest remarks came just after the United States announced new North Korea-related sanctions targeting Chinese and Russian firms and individuals for supporting Pyongyang's weapons programs.

North Korea's state media reported on Saturday that Kim had guided a contest of amphibious landing and aerial strike by its army against targets modelled after South Korean islands near the sea border on the west coast.

On April 2009, Pyongyang launched a long-range rocket, which flew over Japan in what it said was an attempt to put a satellite into orbit, but which was seen by the US, Japan and South Korea as a disguised test of a Taepodong-2.

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North Korea this week said the exercises were evidence that the United States planned to invade North Korea.

"They could be ballistic missiles but they could be rockets".

This is the latest development in escalating tensions between North Korea and the USA, which have been simmering for months.

Throughout the year, North Korea has conducted a series of ballistic missile tests.

Tillerson quickly tried to allay fears of a military confrontation, saying there was no sign the threat level from North Korea had changed and that Americans should "sleep well at night".

"The reality vividly shows that the USA ambition for stifling [North Korea] remains unchanged no matter how much water may flow under the bridge and the puppet group's ambition for invading the north remains unchanged", the state-run Korean Central News Agency reported.

In a conciliatory move before that, Tillerson said the United States was willing to sit down for talks with North Korea, but only if it relinquishes its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

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