Kezia Dugdale has quit and it is about time too

Kezia Dugdale has quit and it is about time too

Kezia Dugdale has quit and it is about time too

In a statement issued nearly as soon as Rowley's new role was announced, Unite's Scottish secretary Pat Rafferty said: "The party is now rebuilding in Scotland and is rightly seen as the opponent of the mindless austerity of the Conservative party".

But Scotland's vote in favour of remaining in the European Union, coupled with its less-than-enthusiastic response to the SNP's call for a second independence referendum has provided cause for optimism, with Scottish Labour winning seven seats in the House of Commons.

Ms Dugdale replaced Jim Murphy as Scottish Labour leader in August 2015, after the party lost all but one of its Westminster seats in Scotland to the SNP.

How else is it possible to explain the fact that Kezia was allowed to continue as leader until she chose to quit, even after leading Labour into 3rd place in the Scottish Parliament and Westminster, and even urging people to vote Tory because she's so caught up in the blinkered SNP-bad mindset?

His lack of experience could hold him back, but the MSP for Central Scotland is a member of the Campaign for Socialism and his support for Corbyn could see him surprise many in the leadership election.

He thanked her for her contribution and for "rebuilding" the party in Scotland.

Kezia Dugdale, who led for two years when Labour saw its support plummet following a Scottish independence referendum, told the BBC late on Tuesday she was leaving the role to hand over to someone with "fresh energy".

In her letter to Scottish Labour Party chairwoman Linda Stewart, she stated: "Too often our leaders leave in a crisis, with scores to settle". He will also take her position on Labour's National Executive Committee, which could tip the body in Corbyn's favour.

"I wish Kezia Dugdale all the very best in whatever path she choses after leadership".

"And I have just come to the conclusion that the best thing for it, the Labour Party, this precious, precious thing that has done so much good in our country, and indeed for me, is to pass that baton on".

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Speaking to the Guardian, Labour MSP Neil Findlay, a close associate of Jeremy Corbyn said he had no plans to run for the leadership.

Who Ms Dugdale's replacement will be is yet to become clear.

Scottish Labour is beginning the hunt for its fourth leader in less than three years, after Dugdale's shock resignation. This is an opportunity to reflect upon what the Scottish Labour Party stands for.

Labour in Scotland has had six leaders in six years, and now faces another contest to find number seven.

"I thought it was quite sad because she was a good leader".

Dugdale will continue as an MSP for the Lothian region, with Rowley set to take charge of the party in Scotland until her successor is found.

But despite shedding office staff, after signs of a revival at the general election, many believed she would stay on to fight the 2021 Scottish elections.

"I think the race will come down to three but whoever wants the job needs to put their cards on the table and say that they actually want it".

In her resignation statement, she explained that Mr Aitkman's death had taught her about how to live and "never wasting a moment". "That's doesn't bode well for Labour or for Scottish politics".

Another victory was to secure a Scottish seat on UK Labour's NEC - an achievement which was crucial for the moderate wing of the party in that it meant she was able to prevent a Corbynite majority on the ruling body.

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