Mumbai rains: Man drowns in open manhole

Mumbai rains: Man drowns in open manhole

Mumbai rains: Man drowns in open manhole

"He asked the driver to take the vehicle home and chose to walk", said Pallavi Godbole, his niece.

Reports say that the deceased can be Dr. Deepak Amarapurkar, HOD Gastroenterology, of the Bombay Hospital, who went missing on 29 August, 2017, from near India Bulls lower Parel.

The body of the noted doctor was discovered near seashore at Worli, Mumbai on Thursday morning.

A completely swollen body of Dr. Deepak Amarapukar was found near the Worli sea shore. Family members earlier told The Indian Express that the gastroenterologist was returning home from Bombay Hospital when he chose to walk home as it was around 10 minutes away. His umbrella was also found at the spot, which was later handed over to the police. And within a short span of time, witnesses saw a man being swept into an open manhole. Some of us told him to wait till things got better, but may be he thought things were settling down and left.

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Dr Amarapurkar, a senior gastroenterologist of the Bombay Hospital, was last seen on Tuesday, when he asked his driver to drop him off near his home at Elphinstone Road.

A fellow doctor, a close friend and neighbour of the deceased said on condition of anonymity that "I have known Dr Amrapurkar for more than 10 years now and he has been my mentor and a great friend". The 58-year-old doctor had to leave his auto in waist-deep water near the Elphinstone Road station, the police said in a statement.

Dr Amrapurkar was missing since from the Prabhadevi area of central Mumbai from Tuesday, the day Mumbai recorded 325 mm rainfall in a span of 12 hours resulting in a deluge and disrupting the commercial capital.

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