Frankfurt evacuated for World War II bomb disposal

Frankfurt evacuated for World War II bomb disposal

Frankfurt evacuated for World War II bomb disposal

Authorities in Frankfurt, Germany's financial hub, said over 100 patients, including two premature babies and people in intensive care, were evacuated from hospitals.

More than 60,000 people have been ordered to leave a radius of 1.5 kilometers - almost a mile - around the site where the 1.8-ton British bomb will be disposed of Sunday.

Homes and buildings within a 1.5-kilometre radius of the site were due to be cleared by 6am Irish time, but some people were still in the evacuation zone well past the deadline as police carried out door-to-door checks.

The fire brigade tweeted: "Transport for those who can't leave on their own is on its way into the evacuation zone".

The device was found last week in the city's leafy Westend neighbourhood, home to many wealthy bankers.

The evacuation area includes Germany's central bank which houses half the country's gold reserves.

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CNN reported that more than 60,000 people were forced to leave their homes as authorities worked to dispose of the bomb that was found Tuesday near the Goethe University Frankfurt compound, police said in a statement. If that fails, a water jet will be used to cut the fuses.

The HC 4000 bomb is believed to have been dropped by Britain's Royal Airforce in World War II.

British and American warplanes pummelled Germany with 1.5 million tonnes of bombs that killed 600,000 people. An estimated 10 percent of the bombs failed to explode.

On Wednesday, a 1.4-tonne United Kingdom bomb was found on a building site on Wismarer Strasse in Frankfurt.

In July, a kindergarten was evacuated after teachers discovered an unexploded Second World War bomb on a shelf among some toys.

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