Matt Dunlap blasts Kris Kobach's voter fraud assertions at NH meeting

Matt Dunlap blasts Kris Kobach's voter fraud assertions at NH meeting

Matt Dunlap blasts Kris Kobach's voter fraud assertions at NH meeting

After a more than six-hour meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on Tuesday, panel Vice Chairman Kris Kobach walked back a controversial claim he made about New Hampshire's 2016 election in a September 7 opinion piece on the conservative news website Brietbart.

"So the notion that the commission's collection of data and investigating of this issue causes any state to do anything is a ridiculous statement". Gardner told NBC the elections recorded in New Hampshire were "real and valid". "And it is real and valid".

Kobach's "proof" was that 6,540 same-day registrants used out-of-state driver's licenses to prove their identity. But New Hampshire's law is somewhat complicated because the Granite State makes a distinction between being a "resident" of the state and being "domiciled" in the state.

"The people who did so didn't drive in New Hampshire or own a vehicle there or plan to reside permanently in the state", Berman and Levy added.

Dunlap dismissed the idea, calling it a "sterling example of the laws of unintended consequences" that would widen the mission of the background check database, which he said was never meant to be used as an election tool.

"In that column I struggled with what verb to use". Last Wednesday, the speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Shawn Jasper, a Republican, released data showing that six thousand five hundred and forty people had registered to vote using out-of-state driver's licenses.

The commission, led by Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach, has scheduled a series of presentations from long-time advocates for stricter controls on voting.

Rather than admit his obvious biases, Kobach carps that "the mainstream media has ignored the problem of voter fraud and belittled those of us who are trying to do something about it". But in recent years, the court has assumed that tough registration requirements, early voting cuts, and voter ID rules are passed with no intent to disenfranchise citizens.

Election experts both in the room and watching via livestream, meanwhile, pointed out that some presenters' credentials were dubious and their conclusions have already been debunked.

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The commission will hold its second meeting on Tuesday in New Hampshire.

The letter from February 22, which has only just surfaced after the Department of Justice responded to the Freedom of Information request, appears to have positioned Heritage to take part in the Election Integrity Commission.

Some groups that saw an ideological motive in the Trump commission's work said they suspected it was trying to make voting more hard in many jurisdictions, and thus to discourage members of racial, ethnic or political minorities from casting their ballots - a process known as voter suppression.

Gardner is the nation's longest-serving secretary of state and has been re-elected by Democratic and Republican legislatures, largely due to his advocacy for keeping the state's primary first in the presidential nominating process.

Kobach paused Tuesday's commission meeting in Manchester to explain - and effectively withdraw - allegations he made last week. We need to give local election officials the tools they need to ensure our elections are secure, modern and accessible for all Americans. "What I'm saying is that the arguments Kobach presents about fraud in New Hampshire - and I recognize the significance of what I'm about to write - should have been too far afield even for Breitbart", writes Washington Post's Phillip Bump.

Still, Democrats mounted an aggressive effort to portray the commission's work as groundwork for a series of additional restrictions on voting that would disproportionately impact minorities, the elderly, students and the poor.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez lambasted the panel on a conference call. It proves the state can not threaten people with criminal prosecution for merely registering to vote.

"I am deeply concerned that falsehoods about illegal voting are being spread as a pretext for restricting access to the ballot box", Shaheen said. "It's clear my thinking is different than others on the commission", he said.

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