Will generate 1.2 lakh employment opportunities: Haryana CM

Will generate 1.2 lakh employment opportunities: Haryana CM

Will generate 1.2 lakh employment opportunities: Haryana CM

Khattar added that the management of the school will be taken over by the state government for the next three months.

On handing over of his son's murder case to CBI, Victim's father, Varun Thakur said he was glad that the government has shown sensitivity in this case. Khattar had visited their residence before addressing the media.

"This case is handed over to the CBI for investigation", Khattar said.

On any action against the school, he said the government has chose to take over the management of the school for three months.

Just after the killing of Pradyuman, the conductor Ashok confessed to his crime in front of the police. On Thursday, a bus driver at the school also alleged that Pradyuman had been taken by the school authorities to another hospital before finally being taken to Artemis Hospital - a claim that is yet to be verified but one that was hitherto not known about.

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"Although, the Haryana Police is doing a good job of investigating the case, we have chose to hand over probe to the CBI", Khattar said. "Kumar's clothes didn't have any blood stains on them", said Harpal, a gardener in the school.

He said keeping in view the situation in the wake of case, the deputy commissioner, Gurgaon has been appointed as the Administrator of Ryan International School in Bhondsi for three months.

Khendelwal said no labourer would be allowed in the proximity of students and no construction work would be carried out during school hours, adding that no adult, except female sweepers, would have access to student toilets. He added that the Haryana government has chose to amend the Act related to rules and regulations for safety of students in schools in the ensuing Vidhan Sabha session.

Placing the onus on schools for the safety of students on their premises, the CBSE had also issued new security-related guidelines to be implemented by the institutions, failing which they would face derecognition.

A report by a Special Investigation Tribunal had stated that the CCTV cameras of the school were not working properly and were not installed everywhere.

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