Iraq dismisses Kirkuk governor amid dispute with Kurds

Iraq dismisses Kirkuk governor amid dispute with Kurds

Iraq dismisses Kirkuk governor amid dispute with Kurds

"The meeting will discuss the referendum of the Kurdistan region, which will be on 25 September, and will respond to the decision made earlier by the Iraqi parliament, which rejected this referendum", said Tariq Jowhar, media advisor of the Parliament, said on Friday.

Meanwhile, the United States in its reaction said the plan for an independence referendum in Iraq's Kurdistan region will distract from efforts to defeat Islamic State.

Kurdish lawmakers convened parliament in Irbil for the first time in two years to pass the measure, with 65 out of 68 parliamentarians in the 111-seat body present voting in favor.

"Holding the referendum in disputed areas is particularly provocative and destabilizing", it warned. "Do not listen to anyone, we are going to go to a referendum", Masoud Barzani said during a campaign for the Kurdish referendum in Duhok Province. Late last month, Kirkuk's provincial council voted to take part in the referendum.

Washington opposes the referendum on the grounds it would weaken joint Arab-Kurdish military operations which have helped to send the Islamic State group into retreat in both Iraq and Syria.

The president underlined that importance of the issue, saying that Turkey has a 350-meter long border with Iraq and would therefore only the country's territorial integrity.

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Voters will face one question, asked in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkmen, and Assyrian: "Do you want the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Kurdistani territories that are outside KRI to become an independent state?"

"The referendum's legitimacy comes from the people of Kurdistan, not from the outside", he added.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday that his country will hold a high-level security meeting on September 22 to decide its response to the planned Kurdish referendum on independence. But relations with Baghdad have grown strained in recent years over oil and the disputed areas.

Lawmaker Omed Khoshnaw from the Kurdistan Democratic Party called the referendum a "message of peace" to Baghdad and neighbours.

It was a dispute between Gorran and the KDP that caused the assembly to suspend its sessions in 2015.

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