LOFT is a $49.95 portable battery base for the Google Home

LOFT is a $49.95 portable battery base for the Google Home

LOFT is a $49.95 portable battery base for the Google Home

At the IFA 2017, we witnessed the first portable smart speaker with Google Assistant - Mobvoi TicHome Mini.

The new Ninety7 DOX is a portable battery for the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot, created to provide rechargeable, cord-free mobility at home or on-the-go. For Google Home too, Ninety7 is is the first supplier for attachable battery base. However, it looks like the accessory maker - Ninety7 has been hearing the woes of Google Home users and it launched a snap-on battery "LOFT" that make Google Home portable. It can offer up to 8 hours of usage on a single charge. The Dox is made especially for the Amazon Echo Dot while the Loft is exclusively for the Google Home.

LOFT for the Google Home provides a battery pack that let's you unplug and take Google anywhere you choose.

Ninety7 intros portable battery cases for the Google Home, Amazon Echo Dot
Ninety7 LOFT gives Google Home battery power

The Loft cleverly takes advantage of Google Home's detachable bases. You can now roam around your house with Google Home or any other place with Wi-Fi in range.

If you've ever wished to carry the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home around with you, then a battery pack from Ninety7 could be the right up your street. The introductory price of the Ninenty7 LOFT is also lower at $39.95 from the $49.95 retail price. Shipping is expected to start in early October so don't delay to bag a bargain. As with the VAUX, Amazon's smaller smart speaker drops into a nook on the top, with cables plugging in at the back. With LOFT, Google Home can easily be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Four LEDs on the front of both the LOFT and the DOX show battery status, while the power button allows you to shut the whole thing down if you want to reserve power.

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