Super Mario Run getting new character, world, mode and price cut

Super Mario Run getting new character, world, mode and price cut

Super Mario Run getting new character, world, mode and price cut

A New Mode - Remix 10 is a completely new challenge, which "remixes" 10 sections of old levels together with rainbow metals scattered about. The update hits on September 29th as announced by the company and will include Princess Daisy as a playable character once you complete the new mode, which is called Remix 10.

Also in the update is a new group of regular levels called World Star.

To unlock the new world, you do have to complete Worlds 1-6.

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Your Own Music - You can now play whatever music you'd like while playing Super Mario Run. Each section will be chosen at random and will have no game over screens, letting players familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics. It was also the first Nintendo mobile game to offer what many saw as a steep pricing structure with the trappings of free-to-play gaming. The developers aren't giving up on the mobile game, however, as a new update will be coming later this week, along with a 50% price drop.

You'd be forgiven for wondering what was happening with Super Mario Run. This must have been in the cards for some time now, but whatever the case may be, it's satisfying to see Nintendo following through on its initial promise of support after the game's release rather than going back and proving critics right by essentially rendering the game dead on all counts. It's releasing an update on September 29th that adds some (frankly needed) variety.

The most notable addition in the upcoming update is World Star, a new game world that consists of nine levels. When Nintendo launched the mobile game for $9.99 in December 2016, it was only available to iPhone users. Finally, Nintendo will finally allow players to enjoy their own tunes while playing the game. That price will be reduced by 50% for two weeks after the update drops on September 29.

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