Netflix pledges $400m to Canadian TV and film

Netflix pledges $400m to Canadian TV and film

Netflix pledges $400m to Canadian TV and film

The government said it was seeking agreements with other digital players to invest similarly in the creation and distribution of Canadian content.

Supporting Canadian French-language content on the Netflix platform through a market development strategy for Canada.

Canadian broadcasters also must fulfil a quota of Canadian content on air, which streaming services are not required to match.

She admitted that while some people, including Québecor head Pierre Karl Péladeau and Quebec spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, aren't happy with the arrangement - she's confident Quebec-produced content won't be overlooked. Reactions from Canada's media providers are mixed, but more details about Netflix's deal with the Canadian government still needs to be revealed.

The government's deal with Netflix under the Investment Act allows it to claim a victory for Canadian content while also avoiding imposing new regulations on Internet companies.

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The trend started in 2012 two years after Netflix began offering streaming services in Canada - and is expected to accelerate over the coming years, said the Convergence Research Group, which authored the study.

Other commentators have pointed out Netflix has previously claimed to spend "hundreds of millions" of Canadian dollars on local productions.

It has yet to be revealed if the deal will entail a Canadian office and whether it will affect the tax status for the service in Canada. It's part of a widespread reform of Canadian cultural policy that includes a review of broadcasting laws and direct government funding to support domestic productions.

The Minister of Canadian Heritage and Netflix have signed an agreement that creates Netflix Canada, a first-of-its-kind production company for Netflix outside of the U.S. No figure is available, but Joly says top-ups from Ottawa will start next year to cover the shortfall.

Netflix is already working with CBC Television to produce shows "Anne with an E" and "Alias Grace".

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