UAE unveils plans for massive city simulating human settlement on Mars

UAE unveils plans for massive city simulating human settlement on Mars

UAE unveils plans for massive city simulating human settlement on Mars

The United Arab Eremites has announced plans to build a model of hypothetical city on Mars, titled Mars Space City (MSC).

Ingels' plans show four geodesic domes enveloping the Mars Science City, which will cover 17.5 hectares of desert outside Dubai - making it the largest space simulation city ever built.

"We are seeking a better life and education as well as a stronger economy and the internationally most sophisticated infrastructure for generations to come", said His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The site will encompass laboratories for food, energy and water - as well as agricultural testing and studies about future food security on Earth.

It will also include a museum displaying humanity's greatest space achievements, including educational areas to engage young citizens with space and inspire a passion in them for exploration and discovery. The walls of the Museum will be printed on a 3D prineter using sand from the desert of the UAE.

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At the meetings, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said, "The UAE seeks to establish global efforts to develop technologies that benefit humankind, and that establish the foundation of a better future for more generations to come".

In addition to research on Earth, the Emirates Mars Mission is working towards launching the Hope spacecraft in 2020.

The city will also have laboratories that can simulate various aspects of the environment in Mars, The Red Planet's terrain and hostile environment will be simulated using 3D printing technology and heat and radiation insulation. The researchers will carry out various experiments involving food, water and energy needs on the distant planet, said a report in the Mirror. According to The National, the Mars Scientific City, as a specialist research city, could offer a first step towards Mars 2117 as scientists delve into how humans might survive in Mars' harsh environment.

The emergence of UAE in the field will be an interesting prospect as it could lead to a "race to mars" between the oil-rich kingdom and the Elon Musk-run SpaceX, which is also attempting to establish a human colony on the red planet.

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