UKIP's next leader: Who will save (or scuttle) the ship?

UKIP's next leader: Who will save (or scuttle) the ship?

UKIP's next leader: Who will save (or scuttle) the ship?

Although this might not sound like the typical credentials of a Ukip politician, Bolton is respected within the party - winning multiple endorsements from the party's MEPs during the course of the leadership campaign.

Bolton was reportedly a member of the centrist Liberal Democrat party before joining UKIP, and some speculate his leadership could distance UKIP from hard-line anti-Islamic rhetoric.

Ukip figures argue that the Prime Minister is heading for a deal which will let down the 3.9m people who backed the party in 2015 and millions more who voted Leave the following year.

Bolton said he would "have a conversation" with Farage on a future Ukip role, and wanted to talk to all the other candidates, including Waters, before making decisions about them.

Bolton is expected to give his first major speech at a party conference on Saturday in Torquay, an English coastal town 215 miles (345 kilometers) southwest of London.

Bolton, an ex-soldier, won 30% of the vote, seeing off Anne Marie Waters's challenge.

Britain and the European Union are now negotiating the terms of Britain's departure.

Speaking immediately after the announcement, Bolton said pressuring Theresa May's government into a hard Brexit will be UKIP's "core task" under his stewardship.

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Insiders say if the Pegida UK co-founder and anti-sharia-law campaigner Anne Marie Waters is selected, the extreme views of her followers could push the party over the cliff edge.

Mr Bolton did not join UKIP until 2014, but quickly made an impression by becoming its candidate in Kent in the 2016 Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

UKIP has a new leader.


"If you look at the things I've done, you'll see a certain degree of endurance there, both physical, emotional and political", he said.

Incredibly, this was Ukip's third leadership election in a year.

The party has been riven by splits and disagreements, one of which resulted in MEP Steven Woolfe being taken to hospital after a fight with another Ukip MEP.

"Without being united, we can not lead", Bolton said.

But he resigned just eight months later after a disastrous General Election.

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