You'll soon be able to link your phone number to Google Home

You'll soon be able to link your phone number to Google Home

You'll soon be able to link your phone number to Google Home

SAN FRANCISCO _ Google on Wednesday unveiled new phones, smart speakers and other devices infused with artificial intelligence in its bid to claim the high ground against rivals Amazon and Apple.

Home Max can work with the Home and Home Mini and comes with Google Assistant inside, which is made to hear your voice even when music is playing loud. Aptly, its called chalk.

The Google Home Mini is a small puck-shaped device upholstered in a special cloth fabric and features 4 LEDs that shine through the fabric and let the user know it is listening or thinking.

For instance, users can attach separate Google accounts to the Assistant and have Google Home recite different calendar appointments depending on the voice it hears. It will be available in retail stores on October 19.

The Home Max, which comes in chocolate and charcoal colors, is available in the USA at launch and will come to more countries in 2018. This feature is powered by Google AI and the speaker now supports music services like Spotify and YouTube Music.

The Google Home Max reverses the Mini's attention to cost and size reduction, offering up the same Google Home experience in a larger chassis with increased audio output.

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New Google Home Mini speaker.

The new, larger Home speaker is clearly meant to be an answer to critics who suggested the original Home lacked good audio quality (myself included) by providing something for users who care more about sound. It also announced that from now on, its fellow Alphabet-owned company, Nest, will be now more integrated with its Home smart speakers.

New Google Home Max super speaker. The Max can accept input as a Google Cast target, over Bluetooth, or by using the 3.5-mm auxilliary input. Much like the iPhone with Siri, the phone comes equipped with Google Assitance that makes things easier when it comes to hands-free navigation.

You can use it as an intercom of sorts using the new broadcast feature; by placing the Home Mini in various places throughout your house, you can use it to broadcast a message to all Home devices in your house.

In the USA the Max will cost $399.

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