EU Parliament Votes to Delay Brexit Negotiations

EU Parliament Votes to Delay Brexit Negotiations

EU Parliament Votes to Delay Brexit Negotiations

The resolution - which was passed on Tuesday by 557 votes in favour, to just 92 against and 29 abstentions - also accused the UK Government of "seriously impeding" the negotiations by failing to provide clarity.

He also rounded on Brussels for failing to make progress on future talks, saying the EU was "very obsessed about money" in demanding any Brexit bill be sorted before a EU-UK trade deal could be discussed.

On Tuesday, EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Britain must give more details about what kind of divorce terms it's willing to accept-particularly on the financial settlement-before talks can begin on trade.

"The European Parliament is clear on the point there should be no hardening of the Irish border, that the Good Friday Agreement must be protected in all its parts and that the rights of citizens in the North, who will remain EU citizens, have to be respected".

They regret, as Mr Barnier, that "discrimination" have already taken place " in the Uk and in certain other member States", stressing that " these had repercussions on their daily life, by limiting the effective exercise of their rights ".

Some leading members of Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party suggested last week that Britain should end its Brexit talks with the European Union if there is no concrete progress by Christmas.

"Until now, I can't say that we are ready to enter the second phase of the negotiations".

They overwhelmingly backed a resolution calling for the delay as negotiators prepare to enter the latest round of talks next week.

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Divisions among British ministers are hampering progress in Brexit negotiations, the European Parliament's co-ordinator on the talks has warned.

Barnier added that there was still "serious divergence" over the financial settlement, making it clear that taxpayers of the remaining 27 European Union countries should not have to pay more to facilitate Brexit.

In a short speech to open the Parliament's plenary debate on Brexit in Strasbourg, Juncker emphasized his intention to stick to the bloc's hard lines on key divorce issues.

Michel Barnier, who has the mandate by the European Council to conduct the negotiations, has often been criticized by British commentators that he is too uncompromising and talks should be held in parallel.

"There is no ransom, no exit bill, there is only the fact that when you decide to leave we ask you to settle your accounts - no more, no less than to pay what you agreed", Barnier said.

"Who shall I call in London?" The deadline for these negotiations is March 2019, when the United Kingdom will leave the EU.

European leaders seem aware that the EU can not afford such indecisiveness, with Barnier admitting that European unity can not be "decreed" but only "constructed", and that "the future of the union is much more important than Brexit".

"If the Brits they can play their old divide-and-rule game, they'd better think again", he said.

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