How Did You Find Time: Kerala Chief Minister's Swipe At Yogi Adityanath

How Did You Find Time: Kerala Chief Minister's Swipe At Yogi Adityanath

How Did You Find Time: Kerala Chief Minister's Swipe At Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the BJP's star presence in its state-wide Janaraksha Yatra in Kerala, on Wednesday said it was time the state returned to its "sanatana dharma" roots and discarded what he called the ruling CPM's politics of violence.

With sluggish economy and Gujarat elections emerging as a major concern, the top three of the BJP, Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, finance minister, Mr Arun Jaitley and BJP president, Mr Amit Shah got into a huddle on Thursday.

The campaign, a show of strength by the BJP and the RSS, is meant to highlight alleged violence by CPI-M cadres on BJP and RSS supporters since 2001. The CPI (M) Kerala state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan took a dig at the BJP president describing Amit Shah as a toothless lion.

Expecting Shah's participation, security was tightened along the road and hundreds of policemen were deployed at key points. While police say that there was personal enmity, the BJP alleged the hand of the CPI (M), the reports said. Mr Shah, however, will be in Kerala on October 17, when the 15-day long "Janraksha Yatra" will conclude. More than 120 BJP and RSS workers have been murdered in Kerala so far.

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Shah, leading the Yatra, seen as a menacing push to claim political space in the Left-ruled state, has already become a butt of jokes. He said, "it is in the nature of the Left party to grab power at gunpoint".

The BJP national president alleged almost 120 BJP workers, 84 in Kannur alone, were killed in Kerala since 2001 with 14 of them in Chief Minister Vijayan's home town since he took the reins past year. Fourteen people were killed in Kannur since the CPI (M) came to power a year ago, the BJP had said yesterday.

Several Union ministers will also participate in the march under the theme of "All have to live!"

Sat Sharma, while addressing, criticised the Kerala government for its "indifference" towards the ever increasing number of attacks on activists and their families affiliated with BJP and RSS.

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