Spain's economy minister says Catalan bank clients, business have nothing to fear

Spain's economy minister says Catalan bank clients, business have nothing to fear

Spain's economy minister says Catalan bank clients, business have nothing to fear

If negotiations are still to come, however, it is not clear who will mediate this political crisis.

Catalan leaders have not confirmed that they will formally declare independence at Monday's meeting, but regional President Carles Puigdemont has said he wants the declaration to be made either over the weekend or early next week.

The crisis in the euro zone's fourth biggest economy has sparked a sharp selloff in both Spanish bond and stock markets. Telecommunications firm Eurona saw its stock pop by 8% after it said it would move its headquarters from Barcelona to Madrid, while biotech outfit Oryzon-which has announced the same move-saw its stock price rise by nearly 13%.

Maduro to Spanish PM Rajoy: Who's the Dictator Now? The remaining percentage are said to be in favor of remaining under Spain. And the uncertainty generated by a Catalan secession would nearly certainly hurt the economic recovery.

"I'm convinced that, right now, not one global or national investor will take part in a new investment project until this is cleared up".

Four days after the referendum on independence, the tension in Catalonia does not go down.

Timmermans repeated the commission's view that the dispute was "an internal matter for Spain", but called on all sides to follow the "road of dialogue and cooperation".

Three Fed speakers were also set to take to the podium: San Francisco Fed chief John Williams at 1415 BST, Philly Fed boss Patrick Harker at 1500 BST and the president of the Federal Reserve bank of Kansas City at 2130 BST.

Opinion polls conducted before the vote suggested a minority of around 40% of residents in Catalonia backed independence.

There's a big board battle brewing at Uber
Removing special voting power of some shareholders like Kalanick and the VC firm and early Uber investor Benchmark . Kalanick would give one of the three board seats he controls to SoftBank .

Protests: Barcelona's streets were filled with protesters on Tuesday, as Catalans expressed anger of Spain's violent crackdown on voting, according to CNN.

Speaking ahead of Thursday's court decision, the Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, warned that the situation could escalate further if the Catalan government carried on the path of a unilateral declaration.

The parties holding the majority of seats in the regional parliament, Junts pel Si and CUP, asked Puigdemont to address lawmakers on Monday. They say 90 percent voted for independence, however they have not published final results.

Tensions between Madrid and Barcelona have intensified since the poll, which was overwhelmingly in favour of independence but which almost 60 percent of Catalan voters boycotted.

"And I'm not surprised anymore about what the Spanish government is doing". "My arrest is also possible, which would be a barbaric step".

If triggered, article 155 can allow the Spanish government to take control of the regional government in Catalonia for failing to carry out its constitutional obligations. 'This moment calls for mediation, ' he said. But Rajoy insists Puigdemont must first drop the threat of declaring independence.

He also labelled Spain's government "irresponsible" for not agreeing to talks.

Puigdemont accused King Felipe VI of adopting the Spanish government's position. We were always a peaceful movement. But without the use of force. "And I am sure that Spain will not be able to ignore the will of so many people", Puigdemont told Bild.

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