United Blood Services reports blood needs met in Las Vegas for now

United Blood Services reports blood needs met in Las Vegas for now

United Blood Services reports blood needs met in Las Vegas for now

Residents of Las Vegas have come together to aid the victims of the worst mass shooting in modern American history, answering the call to donate blood and helping in any way they can. We stand ready to provide blood and blood products as needed in response to this tragedy.

We understand that people around the country want to help and we appreciate that support. And show up they did.

Knowing people are suffering can leave people feeling helpless, but something as simple as a blood donation is a life-affirming move.

In the wake of recent natural disasters, the American Red Cross put out an urgent request for blood donations.

By 10 a.m., ABC News estimated that the wait at one location had reached five hours, as hundreds of people lined up to try and be of service.

Many people are feeling helpless following the horrific mass shooting which took place in Las Vegas on Sunday evening.

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Las Vegas police are appealing for blood donations as hospitals struggle to cope with the overwhelming demand for resources. "And once you find out how easy it is or how necessary it is, I hope these people will continue donating", Myers said.

"Yes, from the standpoint that lots of O-negative blood was/is needed for gunshot victims and that it needs to then be replaced for everyone else having emergency needs", Corley said in an email.

Visit your local donation center for more information on how you can donate to those in need.

"I'm Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas".

Go here to the GoFundMe page if you want to give.

Grand Junction blood banks have had a constant flow of donors in the last 24 hours after the shooting in Las Vegas. "And tragedies like the Las Vegas shootings tend to attract more first-time donors".

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