Apple is 'looking into' why some iPhone 8 batteries are swelling

Apple is 'looking into' why some iPhone 8 batteries are swelling

Apple is 'looking into' why some iPhone 8 batteries are swelling

"A very small number" of iPhone 6S experienced unexpected shutdowns due to battery issues, Apple acknowledged previous year. As per the reports, the phone or the packaging had no signs of explosion or burn. The initial reports came from China and Taiwan when a woman reported that her iPhone 8 Plus cracked open during the charge. The user claimed to be charging the phone using only an official Apple power adapter and Lightning to USB cable. Based on the images in circulation (via ), the front screen was bent, and the device was non-functional.

An Apple spokesperson said the company is looking into the matter and declined to comment further. Other iPhone 8 Plus owners have complained about receiving their brand new phone in the same condition.

According to the publication, the smartphone has been three days after the purchase before stepping down. The report says that in this case, the user plugged the device overnight, and in the morning found the handset split open. It must be noted that phones have minute tolerances, so even a minimal increase in the size of any component could render the device unusable. There were only around 100 confirmed incidents of the Note 7 actually catching fire.

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For this reason, five IPhone 8 Plus battery failure cases, consisting of millions of devices, are not exactly a source of concern at this point, but we will continue to monitor situation to see if a larger trend has evolved. The most likely resolution is that Apple changes something silently on the supply chain side to stop new devices from being produced with this fault.

The iPhone 8 has been getting indifferent reviews and share prices of in the company are falling. Further, Apple also did not provide the first weekend sales number of the handsets, which went on sale on September 22, as it has done with the new iPhones before. The Tame Apple Press is trying to reassure them that Apple fans are waiting for the premium iPhone X due out in early November.

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