Will the Supreme Court fall into a political thicket — GEORGE WILL

Will the Supreme Court fall into a political thicket — GEORGE WILL

Will the Supreme Court fall into a political thicket — GEORGE WILL

But now is the time, the justices were told. "We think this court should get this case right and not rush".

In Wisconsin, gerrymandering led to Republicans holding 60% of the state assembly seats, according to the Post, while the party received less than half of votes. That would provide "many of the advantages" of collective action, Kennedy said.

The chief justice expressed worry that the court's legitimacy and authority would be hurt if the court struck down what most observers agree is extreme partisan gerrymandering by Republicans in Wisconsin. But because the resulting representation is increasingly distorted as a result of increased gerrymandering, the very existence of democracy is at stake. Although Democrats also have practiced gerrymanders, they've had fewer opportunities in the current decade because they control fewer state legislatures. It would make it more likely that radio, television and online news programs would cover arguments, because they could include excerpts (yes, the dreaded "sound bites") from the justices' questions and comments.

The lawyer ducked an answer. It's a proposed constitutional mandate that bars the map-drawing party from putting too heavy a finger on the scale.

"Yes, it would be unconstitutional", she relented.

Achieving this normally means dividing districts up along highly irregular lines to ensure that voters from each party are concentrated in the right areas and spread thin in others, as the Washington Post illustrates using a popular explanation adapted from Reddit. The only remaining question was whether he believed Wisconsin's Republicans had done essentially that when they went behind closed doors in 2011 and used computerized maps to assure their hold on the state legislature.

The other judges are divided equally among the Republicans and Democrats.

And they've since won 13 out of 18 congressional seats, even though registered Democrats out number registered Republicans by more than 800,000 voters statewide.

Wisconsin's electoral map, drawn after the 2010 US census, enabled Republicans to win a sizable majority of Wisconsin legislative seats despite losing the popular vote statewide to the Democrats. The case questions Wisconsin's 2010 redrawing of electoral maps. The word, itself, comes from the name of an early 19th-century governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry, whose party drew a legislative map with a district that resembled a salamander.

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Hearing roughly an hour of arguments in the case, the nine justices opened their new nine-month term after a three-month break, with a series of major cases lined up in the coming months regarding voting rights, religious liberty, union funding and other issues.

The ruling in the case could help clarify the crimes for which noncitizen immigrants may be expelled, affecting the Trump administration's policy of stepping up the removal of those with criminal records.

Kennedy indicated that a loss for workers would not prevent them from acting in concert because they would still be able to join together to hire the same lawyer to bring claims, even though the claims would be arbitrated individually. In a speech last July in Raleigh, North Carolina, Holder vowed to "ensure that after the next census in 2020 lines are drawn in a fair way - not a partisan way - to ensure that people's wishes are reflected in the candidates who are elected". But Kennedy, at the time, suggested he might be willing to consider the issue in a different case.

While none of the attorneys for the General Assembly would talk on camera, they argued in court that without the Supreme Court ruling on the Wisconsin case, "Pennsylvania is taking a shot in the dark".

"What we're asking you to do is to get this case right, and not rush it", said Jason Torchinsky, an attorney representing Senate President Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson County, and House Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny County.

"Gerrymandering is distasteful", conservative Justice Samuel Alito said. If the Court similarly holds that workers do not have a substantive right under the NLRA to vindicate their labor and employment rights collectively, then it is likely that soon nearly every non-union worker will face even more limitations to real justice.

It's tempting to blame lazy citizens instead of lawmakers for unrepresentative government; they could vote if they wanted, right?

Justice Stephen G. Breyer said he did not need any "gobbledygook" to rule against the Wisconsin plan. "That doesn't seem fair", he said. "That's going to become the norm".

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