Trump Says "Puerto Rico" Repeatedly in a Spanish Accent

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Trump Says "Puerto Rico" Repeatedly in a Spanish Accent

This comes on the heels of Melania wearing similar navy suede Manolo Blahni BB pumps to visit Puerto Rico earlier this week.

"Is North Korea the storm?" asked White House reporter April Ryan.

Being a cheerleading poster boy for the "protect white male privilege movement", it is not surprising that President Trump would have little interest in such a place and people as Puerto Rico.

Trump replied: "We have the world's great military people in this room, I will tell you that. Puerto Rico", he said, affecting his pronunciation of the name of the USA territory.

Donald Trump put a painful amount of emphasis on pronouncing "Puerto Rico" during his live speech on Friday afternoon.

The president says sanctions will continue until Cuba gives political freedom to its people.

Where are the new Roys in green?
There could yet be some gloomy news awaiting Martin O'Neill's men when the group stages conclude on Tuesday evening. I'm all-in for England and hope they do us a favour, but I'm not convinced it will be comfortable.

Trump, on many occasions, has shown his knowledge and love for the diverse communities in America.

The African-American abolitionist died over a century ago.

The President also spoke about economics and the recent devastating hurricanes, two issues he clearly believes can bring the nation together. Puerto Rico's bonds reportedly plunged upon those comments. While the Caribbean island suffered a devastating crisis, Trump was busy calling black football players "sons of bi***es" for not kneeling during the national anthem.

The comments come after Mr Trump fell under fire during a visit to the United States territory earlier this week where he joked that recovery costs after Hurricane Maria had thrown his budget "out of whack" and compared the devastation to a "real catastrophe" like 2005's Hurricane Katrina.

After this latest stunt, the internet was quick to call him out as "insensitive", "mocking" and "prejudiced".

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