President Trump to tout tax plan in Harrisburg, not Hamburg

President Trump to tout tax plan in Harrisburg, not Hamburg

President Trump to tout tax plan in Harrisburg, not Hamburg

"The president is going to make an announcement about the decision that he's made on a comprehensive strategy that his team supports, and we'll do that in the coming days", said Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

US President Donald Trump has "tremendous accomplishments on the worldwide stage" and he is "keeping the world from chaos", the White House has claimed.

"We're never going to say in advance what the President's going to do and, as he said last night, in addition to those comments, you'll have to wait and see", Sanders said Friday. It was triggered by the previous day's reports of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's frustrations and the Senate Intelligence Committee's continuing search for evidence of collusion with Russian election meddling.

"The President believes that the freedom to practice one's faith is a fundamental right in this country", Huckabee Sanders said Friday, when the Trump administration released new guidelines ending an Obama regulation forcing Catholic employers to participate in the provision of birth control.

"It could be, The calm, the calm before the storm", Trump said.

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"I think the premise of that question is absolutely ridiculous".

Pressed on what he meant, Trump said, "You'll find out". Mayor Cruz has been a very vocal opponent of Trump ever since the federal government started recovery operations in Puerto Rico - so it is surprising that, when face-to-face with the President, she had no comments, requests or advice to impart.

When a reporter asked if it mean something other than military action, Trump replied "we'll see".

However, stories are still doing the rounds that Trump and Tillerson's relationship has been damaged beyond fix due to clashes over Iran and North Korea policy.

One reporter at the White House briefing questioned whether leaving an unclarified statement out there might be counterproductive if the president is as bent on not tipping his hand in global affairs as he says.

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