State Police sends troopers to Puerto Rico to help with recovery

State Police sends troopers to Puerto Rico to help with recovery

State Police sends troopers to Puerto Rico to help with recovery

In a news conference today in San Juan, Rossello noted - as Pence said yesterday during a visit to the island - that President Donald J. Trump's administration is committed to the immediate and long-term needs of Puerto Rico.

Almost 10 percent of the medicines used by Americans, plus numerous medical devices, are made in Puerto Rico, which lost most electricity when it was hit hard by Hurricane Maria about two weeks ago.

"Puerto Rico has suffered the impact of two major hurricanes, and as a result now they're facing life-threatening situations".

"Our hope is that Sunday's community relief effort will help provide some comfort to our fellow citizens here and in Puerto Rico".

"They need our help", said Lutenant Luis Cruiz.

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) The Food and Drug Administration on Friday warned that USA drug shortages are possible because power outages in Puerto Rico have stopped or limited production at many medicine factories there. "If we can help, we're going to help them", added Lt.

Ruiz traveled to the island on September 9 to enjoy a cruise with relatives, but after returning to port, she was stuck there because of Hurricane Maria. She believes she can to do her part by volunteering her time in events such as the Global Café.

"The parts that we're trying to target are the parts that is not metropolitan that normally tends to be left behind and these containers can go directly to them", hospital chaplain Edwin Alicea said.

Puerto Rico officials continue to work closely with the Defense Department, the and the Federal Emergency Management Agency and with state-to-state partners through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, he noted.

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