Facebook launches U.S. food delivery service on its website

Facebook launches U.S. food delivery service on its website

Facebook launches U.S. food delivery service on its website

Facebook is not directly competing with other food ordering services. They are combining various delivery services such as ChowNow, EatStreet, Delivery.com, Olo and DoorDash. It will also work with several chain restaurants including Jimmy John's and Chipotle.

If you're too lazy to visit a restaurant, or even open your favourite food ordering app, Facebook now lets you place orders for delivery or pick up directly from its app and website.

You can now order a Papa John's pizza while messaging your friends on Facebook - without ever leaving the app. If a restaurant offers multiple services, the app will show all of them so you can choose the one you want to use.

Facebook wants to develop itself as a one-stop solution for nearly all you need. It's not like Facebook's algorithm hasn't already figured out that you were secretly ordering three orders of pad thai just for yourself, anyway. You will also pay within Facebook, in an experience powered by either Delivery.com or Slice. Facebook says that the feature is rolling out today to all of its users in the United States and that it will be available for folks using Android and iOS as well as on the desktop.

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However, it should be kept in mind that touch-to-talk devices such as Fire TV remote and Amazon Tap do not support voice profiles. At launch, the feature will support Flash Briefings, shopping, Amazon Music's family plan and Alexa to Alexa calling.

Facebook Vice President Alex Himel said, "People already go to Facebook to figure out what to eat by reading about nearby restaurants, and seeing what their friends say about them". Of course, the "Order Food" app is an attempt to keep Facebook users inside its app for longer periods of time.

Facebook's feature is not really about food, but about capitalizing on the social media behemoth's users, Apptopia CEO Eliran Sapir argued on Friday, explaining that "it's about selling to its advertisers and publishers that its users spend an incredible amount of time in its app on a daily basis".

The new addition has been in testing since 2016, Facebook says.

"Order Food", this new feature has been introduced for US users and we can hope for it to be released in other countries as well, soon.

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