Google Photos will now recognize your pets better and group them

Google Photos will now recognize your pets better and group them

Google Photos will now recognize your pets better and group them

What's more is that users can now search by breed to take a look at the images of their pets.

Google's new algorithm will work itself and it can recognises everything related to your pets. Google has now updated Google Photos to make sure those photos are properly recognized, categorized, and grouped, as it does on humans. "If you have a number of pets that are the same breed (such as a few yellow Labs), you might need to help the app by removing photos of a misgrouped pet, so the app can tell Lassie from Fido".

Pet owners with smartphones usually have the same trouble - their photo libraries are overflowing with images of their four-legged family members captured in all sorts of places, positions and situations. I'm not sure why Google Photos decided pictures of random corgis were of my collie.

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The update is already rolling out in multiple countries on both Android and iOS. What do you think of Google's new technology for pet identification? This can be done by breed or even emoji. I tested the app on my own phone and while it did a fairly decent job on my two dogs and two cats, it did accidentally misidentify random photos of other pets as my own. Some of them are impressed with the results as well.

Google Photos is a mobile app that allows you to store unlimited high-quality photos and full HD 1080 videos in their cloud for free, allowing you to free up space on your phone.

Google is now working on the next update which would be more stable version of the Photos app with all the bug fixes and other issues reported by the users from around the world. Now, Google has just posted an update on its blog post detailing the new feature.

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