Singapore now offers the world's most powerful passport

Singapore now offers the world's most powerful passport

Singapore now offers the world's most powerful passport

This week, a passport index ranked the Singapore passport as the "most powerful" in the world, ahead of countries such as Germany, Sweden and South Korea.

Prior to Paraguay's decision to remove visa restrictions, Singapore shared the number one spot on the Index with Germany, which has a passport score of 158.

"While Singapore quietly climbed the ranks, the USA passport has fallen down since President Donald Trump took office", Arton Capital said in a statement, via CNBC.

According to the company Arton Capital, with a Kazakhstani passport, it is possible to enter 71 countries of the world without any issues (35 without a visa and 36 visas upon arrival).

To compile the Index, Arton Capital compared the passports of 193 United Nations member countries and six territories (Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Palestinian Territory and the Vatican).

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The index, which is an online tool ranking the world's passports by their cross-border ease of access, was developed by Canada-based worldwide residence and citizenship advisory firm Arton Capital.

The Canadian passport didn't do as well as past year, but it was still ranked one of the most powerful in the world in a global survey. The index ranks national passports by the cross-border access they bring, assigning a "visa-free score" according to the number of countries a passport holder can visit visa-free or with visa on arrival. It was developed by Canada-based global consultancy Arton Capital.

All being said, citizens possessing an old passport need not panic or get it replaced as the old design will also be valid for travel. Recently, Turkey and the Central African Republic have revoked visa-free privileges for Americans.

Coming in at last place on the updated Passport Index list is Afghanistan, which has a score of 22, followed by Pakistan and Iraq (26), Syria (29) and Somalia (34).

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