President Trump takes action on United States opioid crisis

President Trump takes action on United States opioid crisis

President Trump takes action on United States opioid crisis

A White House commission on the drug crisis had urged Trump to declare a national emergency.

A new study from Ohio State finds people with just high-school diplomas are 14 times more likely to die of drug overdoses than those with college degrees.

With almost 2.6 million Americansaddicted to prescription opioid painkillers or heroin, the Trump administration declared a public health emergency on Thursday, unlocking roughly two cents per person in new funding for the effort.

- The federal government will allow states to temporarily shift the use of federal grant funds to target those with opioid addictions. The Department of Labor could also issue "dislocated worker grants" to help anyone who lost their job due to opioids, but that's "subject to available funding", and the Trump administration has proposed a 40 percent cut in such dislocated worker grants. And it would allow the shifting of the resources to better address the substance abuse among those with HIV/AIDS. "America is hemorrhaging lives by the day because of the opioid epidemic, but President Trump offered the country a Band-Aid when we need a tourniquet", said Sen. It's never been this way.

Trump, who also called the epidemic a "national shame" and "human tragedy", was introduced by his wife, Melania, who said she had made fighting the epidemic one of her top priorities as first lady.

"It makes this problem highly visible and that way, patients as well as practitioners can say, 'Yeah, this is a huge problem and we need to address it, '" Quan said.

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"There is plenty of work ahead", Harris added, "and the emergency declaration adds further urgency to this epidemic". Instead of declaring a national emergency, however, Trump instead declared a public health emergency. The budget that contains$57,000, hasn't been replenished by the Congress for years. "And so the more we start moving into mainstream public health and personal health and medical financing, the sooner we'll be able to really generate the responses that people need".

So Trump's declaration guarantees that opioid funding will become another major agenda item for the end-of-the-year omnibus bill, said at various times to include: appropriations to avoid a government shutdown, a raise in the debt ceiling, authorization to fund the cost-sharing reduction payments for insurers in the Affordable Care Act, a deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, reauthorization of the now-expired Children's Health Insurance Program and enhanced funding for community health centers, a re-up for the National Flood Insurance Program which expires in December, and continued disaster relief funding for areas affected by hurricanes and wildfires.

"I think it's the best way for us to get the best results", Capito said.

Drugs, especially like opioids, represent a serious and strong threat to Americans' health and safety. It is the leading cause of death for Americans under 50. "They're part of a public health response". That drug was pulled from the market in July at the Food and Drug Administration's request following a 2015 outbreak of HIV and hepatitis C in southern in linked to sharing needles to inject a physical and chemical reformulation/manipulation of the pills. "Anything we can do to drive down the addict population and drive down the demand for these drugs combined with effective law enforcement is always going to help this problem". The Department of Justice has continued to prosecute drug traffickers supplying fentanyl.

Trump said during his remarks that he is awaiting a final report from the President's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis and the administration will act quickly to evaluate and implement its recommendations.

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