Shilpa says something to Vikas that makes him wish his family dies

Shilpa says something to Vikas that makes him wish his family dies

Shilpa says something to Vikas that makes him wish his family dies

With a limited supply of money, raw materials, and labor, each one had to make 75 Cushions in a specific time period. And just like that, on the day 30, viewers witnessed the true colour of friendship during the task. Shilpa and Vikas had to run the task and were given two safes full of money.

The lawn area was converted to a cushion factory where Shilpa and Vikas had to compete against each other as businessmen trying to make maximum profit. The controversial show, which kickstarted on October 1, has completed a month today and, arch-rivals Shilpa and Vikas are giving it all to stay ahead in the game.

Ever since Dhinchak Pooja declared that she likes Luv Tyagi, the contestants have gone out their way to entertain themselves with this linkup.

When everyone opposed Benafsha, Priyank made her understand and encouraged her to fight her best to become the captain of the house. This week Bigg Boss assigned a special luxury budget task titled "BB Cushion Bazaar" task where Vikas and Shilpa are having a competitive face-off.

Further, Vikas and Hiten Tejwani find that Shilpa has stolen all the money from the locker.

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Then, Shilpa begins to cry and tells Aakash to give the money back to the team, and he does it. During the courdse of the task, Shilpa tried to steal money from Vikas's "tijori" after which Vikas took a revenge and rejected thye order of cushions of Shilpa's team. Team Vikas and Team Shilpa lashed out at each other and Arshi tagged Shilpa as 'bikharan'.

Arshi and Mehjabeen will call Shilpa's play foul.

Then, Bigg Boss gives a second order of making 50 cushions in two hours. Shilpa divided the money left with her between Sapna and Akah. In the meanwhile, Vikas' team realised that there was a theft.

Later during the day, there were discussions taking place about captaincy amongst contestants like Priyank, Hina, Sapna Choudhary and Vikas Gupta. Both Arshi and Mehjabeen will side with Vikas in his fight with Shilpa, calling her a mad woman. However, Vikas urges Puneesh Sharma to help him in the task. Watch this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 11.

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