Catalan jailings are a serious mistake, says Puigdemont

Catalan jailings are a serious mistake, says Puigdemont

Catalan jailings are a serious mistake, says Puigdemont

The former Catalan ministers have been accused of sedition, rebellion and misusing public funds.

La Vanguardia reports that the order was made after Carles Puigdemont and members of his cabinet failed to comply with a summons ordering them to appear in a Madrid court.

The prosecutor has asked the National Court judge to issue an worldwide arrest warrant against them.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, meanwhile, is in Brussels with ministers Meritxell Serret, Toni Comin, Clara Ponsati and Lluis Puig.

Puigdemont said he went to Belgium to garner support from the European Union - not because he's seeking political asylum.

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Mr Puigdemont's lawyer in Belgium said his client would stay away from Spain while the political climate was "not good"; but he would cooperate with the courts. In the text, the dismissed regional ministers are called "the legitimate government of Catalonia".

The jailings of the secessionist leaders and Puigdemont's flight to Belgium make it hard for leading figures from the independence movement to stand in a snap election in the wealthy region called by the Spanish government for December 21.

Puigdemont's no-show was the latest act of defiance from the renegade leader, who has caused consternation in Madrid following the referendum and the Catalan parliament's declaration of unilateral independence weeks later.

Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said despite the fact that Puigdemont is in Brussels, "there's no tension" between the Madrid government and that of Brussels.

Earlier, Spanish justice has summoned a number of former Catalan ministers and lawmakers to appear for questioning this week.

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