Netflix Officially Cuts Ties With Kevin Spacey On 'House Of Cards'

Netflix Officially Cuts Ties With Kevin Spacey On 'House Of Cards'

Netflix Officially Cuts Ties With Kevin Spacey On 'House Of Cards'

In an interview with BuzzFeed, actor Anthony Rapp said he attended a party at Spacey's NY apartment in 1986, when he was 14.

Rapp opened the floodgates by saying that Spacey made a "sexual advance" when he was 14-years-old, 31 years ago at his NY apartment. Rapp said the 26-year-old was holding him down tightly, but he was able to get away and left the apartment. Now speaking to CNN, the workers (who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of professional repercussions) described Spacey's behaviour on the House of Cards set as "predatory", highlighting instances of non-consensual touching and crude comments - particularly targeting young male staffers.

One other former crew member also detailed the type of sexual comments that Spacey would make on the set.

After initially releasing a kinda-sorta-if-the-show's-already-cancelled severing of ties with Kevin Spacey, followed by an "indefinite" suspension of production on House of Cards while they and production partner Media Rights Capital "review [ed] the current situation", Netflix has actually committed to cutting Spacey out.

The production assistant alleges he was driving Spacey to the set inside an Abingdon warehouse when Spacey put his hand between his legs. He said, in part, that he did not remember trying to seduce 14-year-old Rapp, but that he apologized sincerely for "what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior".

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London police said they had begun investigating an alleged 2008 sexual assault reportedly linked to Spacey. More fallout came when Spacey's talent agency Creative Arts Agency said it was no longer representing Spacey, and his publicist also parted ways with the actor.

Thirty years ago, Spacey was a 27-year-old actor in NY.

The statement went on to confirm that Netflix would also be shelving its film Gore; a biopic of the American writer produced by and starring Spacey.

Just few hours ago, in a new statement issued by the streaming giant Netflix, they said that they "will not be involved with any further production of "House of Cards" that includes Kevin Spacey". In another blow to Spacey's wallet, a Dutch business forum canceled his headline appearance at their conference November 29 in Rotterdam.

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