The iOS 11.1 predictive text bug might be the weirdest yet

The iOS 11.1 predictive text bug might be the weirdest yet

The iOS 11.1 predictive text bug might be the weirdest yet

When routinely typing the letter "i", iDevices running the latest OS version see fit to autocorrect their owners for some reason and enter the letter "A" followed by a question mark symbol.

Apple's iOS 11.1, released on Tuesday, also includes more than 70 new emoji, including fairies, mermaids, a t-rex, a person meditating, a zebra, giraffe, hedgehog, cricket, and more. The bug is especially irritating for business users who want to send professional messages from their devices.

By Monday morning, several people discovered the simple hack to fix the problem until Apple releases an update to fix the bug. Users can access the Keyboard settings and add a text replacement. This underlines further iOS 11.1 issues and problems, and the bug is apparent throughout iMessage, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps.

It's not clear how many people are affected and Apple has not issued a fix, although support teams on Twitter are directing people to a set of instructions on its website. Apple recommends setting up text replacements within the iOS keyboard as a short term fix for the problem. You could also turn off predictive text and/or autocorrect and be forced to proofread again.

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Apple has patched a number of bugs in the past year, with many related to security, as TechRepublic's Brandon Vigliarolo reported.

"This iPhone letter "I" glitch is starting to get really annoying".

In the Phrase field, enter the uppercase "I" character.

Apple has not respond to a CNN request for comment. This ensures that the "I" you type appears properly.

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