Try Not to Drop That iPhone X

Try Not to Drop That iPhone X

Try Not to Drop That iPhone X

Fellow experienced phone wrecker Zack Nelson at the JerryRigEverything channel, also put the iPhone X through its paces, this time carrying out a scratch test will all manner of tools, notably a Stanley-style knife. That's why many will require some additional time to figure out just how everything works on the new one.

"You'd expect there to be a high price to pay for a lovely phone like the iPhone X. Unfortunately for consumers, in the end it's likely to be more than the $1,000 they've already invested." said Jason Siciliano, vice president global creative director at SquareTrade.

The iPhone X may be confusing to people used to older iPhones. While it should be noted that SquareTrade is in the business of selling extended phone warranties and most users will have their device snugly inside a case, the drop tests do somewhat undermine Apple's claim that the iPhone X features "the most durable glass ever in a smartphone".

Meanwhile, SquareTrade, a company that provides extended warranties for electronic devices, has crowned the new Apple handset the "most breakable yet", after putting it through a series of tests created to measure its durability. SquareTrade has been putting the latest phones through their paces over the past couple years.

The side drop was considered the most damaging internally, while the exterior of the phone remained mostly intact.

In its full teardown of the iPhone X, iFixit found the device to be drastically reconfigured inside to maximize performance in the smallest space possible. The back drop resulted in significant shattering of the back panel, including shards of glass, according to 9to5Mac. A cracked iPhone X screen will set you back $279.

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Dunk Test: The iPhone X faired similar to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, surviving 30 minutes under five feet of water with some audio muffling during playback.

Several of Apple's design choices for the iPhone X pushed up its price.

What do you think about SquareTrade's iPhone X breakability test?

If in a case you get your iPhone X dropped from hand and the back panel got damaged then it will cost you around 300 bucks and for the front, it's $500 without any functional fix.

However, the iPhone X fared better in other drop tests posted on YouTube. Do you buy accidental damage insurance on your smartphones?

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