Tesla Shares Details of Model 3 Production Woes in Q3 Earnings Update

The main snafus are with the new type of battery the company is building in order to cost-effectively produce the Model 3, which at around $35,000 has a much lower price tag than Tesla's Model S and Model X. But a problem with a subcontractor, compounded with other issues, forced Tesla to start over in certain areas, delaying production.

In February, Tesla said it would finalize locations for its next three Gigafactories by the end of the year and was exploring production capabilities in Europe and Asia, adding to the Gigafactory in Nevada and solar panel facility in New York.

Tesla officially announced earnings for Q3 2017 this afternoon, and with early delays in Model 3 production, all eyes were on the production lines, supply chains, and other aspects of the "production hell" that Tesla continues to work through.

Investors had sensed something was awry a month earlier, when Tesla said it had only made 260 of the Model 3 last quarter, well below the nearly 2,000 it had forecasted; some reports said the bottleneck was due to the carmaker assembling the vehicle by hand.

Tesla's ability to ramp up production of the Model 3, is of particular concern to investors. Tesla would not need a local joint-venture partner requiring it to split profits, but would be subject to a 25 percent import tariff.

"We were in level 9, now we're at level 8, and I think we're close to exiting level 8", Musk said. The automaker says it's "confident" it can grow the rate of this process "substantially in coming weeks" and can even surpass its original specs for rates for this part.

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Tesla burned $1.42 billion in cash in the third quarter. He added that welding for the mostly steel Model 3 body has proven to be a complex task, requiring a high concentration of manufacturing robots.

Tesla delivered just 222 Model 3 sedans in Q3.

But critics have decried the firings as being a move to disrupt possible unionization efforts and not really performance-related the way Tesla has said. Overall, the company's stock is up by about 50% for the year. The researchers used artificial intelligence to teach their system the preferences of each voter, then aggregated them, creating a "distribution of societal preferences", in effect the rules of ethnical behavior in a car. A manufacturing presence in the country could boost its revenue in the world's largest electric vehicle market. Zone two is the really big issue, and one in which a subcontractor dropped the ball, and then Tesla only realized how badly it had been dropped very recently.

"I always move...myself to the place where the biggest problem is".

To date, our primary production constraint has been in the battery module assembly line at Gigafactory 1, where cells are packaged into modules. "A journalist who wrote stories like this should be ashamed of themselves for lacking journalistic integrity", Musk said, noting that "only 2 percent of people didn't make the grade".

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