Niantic Is Working On A New Harry Potter Video Game

Niantic Is Working On A New Harry Potter Video Game

Niantic Is Working On A New Harry Potter Video Game

Pottermore announced today that development has already begun on a new mobile game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Interactive and Niantic. Unfortunately, there's not much information floating around as to what kind of game it might be, except for the nebulous release date of "sometime next year". This gives Niantic a lot more room to get creative with the challenges and environment that it offers users - but it also gives them a lot more potential to mess it up.

How will Harry Potter: Wizards Unite work?

According to reports, the game will bring a big influence from Niantic's pre- Pokémon hit, Ingress.

Pokemon GO took the world by storm a year ago by combining a beloved franchise with a simple and addictive mobile game mechanic. Not quite as simple as Harry Potter Go or anything like that, this one is going to be called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. In the company's press release, they revealed that players will explore their neighborhoods and beyond to "go on adventures, learn and cast spells, discover mysterious artifacts, and encounter legendary beasts and iconic characters". And just like "Pokemon" devotees, "Harry Potter" fans are a pretty loyal and enthusiastic bunch, and should easily turn "Wizards Unite" into a sensation that matches the frenzy "Go" generated back in 2016.

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A similar AR-based magical game, called Maguss, has already been made, and is now in early alpha. The Harry Potter films, produced by Warner Bros.

There is now no release date or launch window given, but there is an official website live that you can visit right here.

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