'Doctor Who' first look shows Jodie Whittaker in costume

'Doctor Who' first look shows Jodie Whittaker in costume

'Doctor Who' first look shows Jodie Whittaker in costume

A departure from Capaldi's look for sure, Whittaker's Doctor comes across as more playful, going off her fashion sense alone, sporting suspenders and Tom Baker-ish stripes.

And now - just over a month until she will make her first appearance in this year's Christmas Special - the BBC have unveiled a teaser image of the new Time Lord strutting out of the famous TARDIS.

The show's iconic, blue Tardis spaceship can be seen behind her. She deserves a chance to shine, and to show every one of her detractors that she can be just as great, if not better, than any Doctor that has come before. Of course, the main reason for regenerations is when the actor playing the Doctor leaves the role.

But that tiny glimpse of the actress at the end of the year will barely be enough to satiate fans, much less give them an idea of what her Doctor will be like.

While a minority of commenters said they disliked the idea of a female doctor - The Doctor has been played exclusively by men until now - most of the displeasure was aimed at her new look.

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It may seem a little silly to obsess over what an essentially immortal alien who carries around a plot device machine in their pockets chooses to wear, but the costume has always been an important part of The Doctor's identity.

She is also wearing calf-length brown and beige overcoat and sports a short, blonde hairdo.

Diana Stewart of Akron agreed, saying the show was "jumping the shark" with the costume.

Others simply thought the outfit looked silly. It's clear from this first look at her outfit that she is very much the Doctor, the old, the modern and the new.

However, most reactions appeared positive. In-story, the Doctor has the ability to regenerate after being killed, coming back with a new body.

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