Twitter Pauses Verifications After Giving Neo-Nazi a Blue Check

Twitter Pauses Verifications After Giving Neo-Nazi a Blue Check

Twitter Pauses Verifications After Giving Neo-Nazi a Blue Check

Twitter's controversial decision to verify Kessler comes less than a week after it updated its rules to offer users more visibility into its unpredictable decision-making process.

While the literal meaning of a check mark was about verifying identity, having a check mark has also evolved into a pseudo endorsement from the company - a confirmation that Twitter valued someone as important. The rally turned violent, left dozens injured and one dead after a vehicle drove into a crowd. But its own description of verification says the company preemptively verifies accounts it deems notable.

Today, Twitter's support account said that the company won't hand out new verifications to users.

Twitter has come under scrutiny in recent days for verifying Kessler, who tweeted Tuesday that he "must be the only working class white advocate with that distinction". It still doesn't explain why Kessler's account was verified - and regardless of the reasoning, outrage around this move is spreading quickly.

Twitter users began protesting Kessler's verification shortly after it became public. Those requesting verification have to provide a phone number, a confirmed email, a short biography, a profile photo and more to earn their verified status on the site.

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In what appeared to be a response to that overflowing of anger, Twitter said it "paused all general verifications".

Many users felt that this statement from Twitter doesn't exactly ring true.

"We realized some time ago the system is broken and needs to be reconsidered", Mr Dorsey said in a tweet. Founder Jack Dorsey admitted that the "system is broken" and said that they are working on a solution, noting "We failed by not doing anything about it".

Ed Ho, the head of Twitter's Consumer Product and Engineering Group, tweeted that the social network should have stopped the process at the start of the year.

Over the last month, Twitter seemed to finally wake up to the need to fight the rampant hate speech and abuse that happens on its platform. That was what Twitter was trying to figure out on Thursday.

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