Twitter now doubling display name length as well

Twitter now doubling display name length as well

Twitter now doubling display name length as well

There are a lot of things I'd like to tweet that don't lend themselves to 140 characters and, often, a bit more space would've been welcome.

It's no secret that the Sri Lankan players have longest names in cricket world and looks like ICC will be happy to use full names!

"In case you didn't know it yet, you can change the name that people see in your tweets and profile on a whim, while keeping your "@username" constant. Of course, it has also made Twitter a somewhat confusing place in that regard.

After permanently increasing the maximum character length for tweets to 280, it's now allowing your display name to be longer too.

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Previously, Twitter supported 20 character display names, which was criticised by many. You can now make it 50 characters! Yes, you can add glyphs and emojis to your display name now, aside from the boring old alphanumeric characters that everybody can understand and pronounce.

The new change comes barely days after all Twitter users received the 280-character tweet limit support.

Proverbs, adages and insults are freely thrown on Twitter Nigeria and with more characters, expect to see epistles, statements and toxic stories that really touch. Some, like Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, bemoaned how it actually lessened the medium's expressiveness, which forced users to be more creative with their precious 140 characters.

Twitter expands to 280 characters. That's the word from reps at the social media platform.

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