EJKs not discussed between Duterte, Trump

EJKs not discussed between Duterte, Trump

EJKs not discussed between Duterte, Trump

Trump is expected to arrive on Sunday. They were anxious that the U.S. intervention in the southern Philippines could worsen the situation, which is still recovering from battle against Islamist militants.

Hitting back at the claims, the Philippine President offered to host a global summit in which leaders could discuss "how we can protect human rights for all".

"We are calling on President Trump being a world leader to demand that President Duterte hold or put a stop on ejks (extrajudicial killings)", AI Philippines Head of Office Jose Noel Olano said in a press briefing in Manila on Saturday.

Duterte reportedly looked serious when he was telling the story and advised to forget about human rights.

Calling President Duterte and Trump "fascists", Karapatan secretary general Tinay Palabay stressed how the United States supports the Duterte administration's bloody War on Drugs, giving $9 million to the program for 2017.

"Duterte last month declared the liberation of Marawi City from Islamist terrorists after 154 days of fighting, which killed more than 1,100 people, including 165 soldiers, and displaced almost 400,000 residents".

Addressing the local Filipino community, Duterte said he was not afraid to go to jail, referencing the killing to drive home his point.

The Philippines has historically been the United States' strongest ally in the region.

'Duterte will enjoy the gift of tacit silence from East Asian leaders on his murderous drug war during the upcoming summit, ' Human Rights Watch deputy Asia director Phelim Kine told AFP. A person, really. During a fight.

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The ASEAN leaders and dialogue partners came wearing the Filipianna outfit of pina cocoon barong, while their spouses wore gowns, all inspired by the Philippines' three islands - Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. "How much more now that I am president?"

"If I can help mediate or arbitrate, please let me know", Trump said at a meeting with Vietnam's president, Tran Dai Quang.

"What have you been doing all the time?"

It will be the last leg of a marathon Asia tour that, despite Trump's "America First" policy, may reassure some that his administration remains committed to a region that Beijing sees as its strategic domain.

"Trump is the CEO of the imperialist government of the USA, said 18-year-old student Alexis Danday after the protesters were scattered".

A bipartisan group of lawmakers, though, were not satisfied with that response.

"Human rights are fundamental", they wrote.

"Not extrajudicial killing. Well, he can not afford it".

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