GameStop 'Temporarily Pauses' Unlimited Used Games Program

GameStop 'Temporarily Pauses' Unlimited Used Games Program

GameStop 'Temporarily Pauses' Unlimited Used Games Program

According to a new report from Kotaku, it appears that GameStop has chose to "temporarily pause" the roll out of the new service.

When it came out, GameStop's PowerPass sounded too good to be true: All the used games you could play for six months, plus a free used game at the end, for $60. The retailer confirmed that it had halted the initiative in a statement, citing "a few program limitations we have identified" as the cause. Those stores have been told to pull all promotional materials related to the PowerPass, according to Kotaku.

GameStop had announced a "PowerPass" program that would allow customers to rent used games. It's interesting to see that GameStop chose to pause the service because they didn't provide an explanation as to why they halted the program. At the end of the the six-months, customers will be allowed to keep one game they rented over the six-month period.

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Stores were instructed to take down signage and advertising for Power Pass, and store them in their backrooms. Employees were also asked to discard the store's Holiday Guide and replace this week's "weekly ad". It's not clear why GameStop is freezing the program, but employees have speculated to Kotaku that some of the company's antiquated computers weren't equipped to handle it. According to GameStop's spokesperson, the company ran into several issues with the program in testing it for launch. "We feel this is the right thing to do for now to ensure we are able to provide our guests an exceptional service", a GameStop spokesperson told Kotaku. Additionally, they can pick out any used game to have for free-not a bad tradeoff.

The program went through a soft launch in some locations earlier this month, with its full rollout to follow later.

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