Trump, the Fiji water bottle, and Marco Rubio's revenge

Trump, the Fiji water bottle, and Marco Rubio's revenge

Trump, the Fiji water bottle, and Marco Rubio's revenge

"Everybody gets dry mouth, I can't stand here on national television and make fun of a politician for drinking water", Colber joked before running tape of Trump mocking Sen.

President Trump interrupted a statement on Wednesday afternoon to take an awkward sip from a water bottle.

Others on social media noted the irony of Trump's choice of an imported refreshment - Fiji Water - during a speech in which one of the main themes was a pledge to reduce U.S. trade deficits with foreign nations.

Rubio was mocked mercilessly by Trump for drinking from a bottle of water during his televised State of the Union reply in 2013. Trump asked a campaign crowd in Fort Worth, Texas, in February 2016.

"He's like this, 'I need water".

However, him sipping water brought back memories from 2013 when US Senator Marco Rubio stopped in the middle of a sentence to drink water.

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Rubio, who ran against Trump for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, had some tongue-in-cheek advice for the President in return. Help!' This is on live television.

However, the aspect that "intrigued" the American people, even more, was the way he chose to take a sip of water.

Trump pulled a bottle of water out of his pocket and exclaimed, "It's Marco!" "But not bad for his 1st time", Rubio wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

"America's renewed confidence and standing in the world has never been stronger than it is right now", Trump said.

Trump was only a few minutes into his White House speech summarising his just-completed trip to Asia when he bent down to reach for water on a lower shelf of the podium.

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