Easily Build VR/AR Applications With Amazon Sumerian

Easily Build VR/AR Applications With Amazon Sumerian

Easily Build VR/AR Applications With Amazon Sumerian

The company's Amazon Web Services unit announced Amazon Sumerian, a new service for building VR, AR, and 3D applications that can be viewed on mobile devices, head-mounted displays, digital signage, and web browsers.

Amazon writes, "With Amazon Sumerian's editor, developers can build realistic virtual environments, populate them with 3D objects and animated characters, and script how they interact with each other and the application's users". According to Amazon, the VR and AR apps created in Amazon Sumerian will run in any browser that supports WebGL or WebVR graphics rendering. Sumerian also takes a note from Unreal's Blueprints interface, allowing creators with no coding experience to use a visual scripting tool to put together all the logic needed to make the world interactive.

The editor allows users to import 3D objects into scenes and includes features such as scripting, animation, and integration with Amazon's cloud services. Sumerian supports Apple's ARKit, which is an augmented reality platform for iOS devices. It leverages AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, AWS IoT, and Amazon DynamoDB.

Amazon has tried to keep Sumerian simple so that developers new to building the 3D experience do not face issues while creating the immersive content. Amazon plans to make its tools compatible with Google's (goog) AR software tools for Android-powered devices soon, but it didn't say when. Subscribers can embed their own objects, choose from a pre-loaded library, or use third-party offerings from repositories including Sketchfab and Turbosquid.

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You can select from pre-existing assets from Amazon or import your own in FBX and OBJ files.

In their scene, the post said, developers can add-in a 3D character and customize them for gender, voice, and language.

Amazon wants a part of the nascent markets for virtual and augmented reality. From there, they can drag and drop a pre-built asset, such as a room or a piece of furniture. "But, customers are daunted and overwhelmed by the up-front investment in specialized skills and tools required to even get started building a VR or AR application", said Marco Argenti, Vice President, Technology, AWS.

Additionally, if an app needs a map embedded, Amazon Sumerian supports location platform Mapbox.

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