Focus on border as Brexit talks intensify

Focus on border as Brexit talks intensify

Focus on border as Brexit talks intensify

Britain has insisted it is impossible to finalise how the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic will work before UK-EU trade talks. "What would really solve the problem - and it would be in everyone's interest - would be if Ireland left [the European Union also]".

Northern Ireland voted by a margin of 56% to 44% to remain in the EU.

If EU leaders feel "insufficient progress" has been made, they will not permit talks to move to the second phase - discussions on the future relationship between the EU and UK.

The EU is concerned about how it can protect the integrity of the single market if goods which don't comply with its standards are imported across a future open border within Ireland.

Businesses are desperate for negotiations to start on the transition deal that Britain wants to put in place after Brexit and also for talks to get going on trade - where the real fight begins.

They also asked people on the street to see if they could draw Ireland's border with Northern Ireland.

He said a referendum would be the only way to "solve this democratically" and he had been "rubbished on Twitter" by the DUP when he initially suggested the Irish border would present an issue.

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"(Northern Ireland) will continue to trade with out biggest partner, which is the rest of the United Kingdom and I imagine that given the United Kingdom is one of the Republic of Ireland's largest trading partners that (the Republic) will want to continue to trade with us.

"We need political solutions now and we are not getting them from the UK Government".

The Daily Telegraph reported that London and Brussels have now accepted the British will pay between €45 billion (Dh2221.3bn) and €55bn, with the final figure depending "on how each side calculates the output from an agreed methodology". There's pretty much always been an open border. "If there is no border we might as well do away with the internal market".

The UK government will find this hard to sell to the DUP, on whom it relies to stay in power.

The brainstorming that took place between prominent academics and security experts regarding the implication of Brexit on the Irish border at the European Parliament on 28 November has posed some hard questions concerning the peace process in this region. If that meeting produces "sufficient progress" on three key European Union conditions - a financial settlement, rights of expatriate citizens and the Irish border - then leaders could give a green light to trade talks at a summit on December 14-15.

"We are not about convergence here, we are about co-operation".

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