Microsoft Office for Android is Now Available on All Chromebooks

Microsoft Office for Android is Now Available on All Chromebooks

Microsoft Office for Android is Now Available on All Chromebooks

Though Office was previously open to Chromebooks via Microsoft's free browser-based version, getting the official apps is significant.

According to Chrome Unboxed, Microsoft's Office apps for Android have been available in the Google Play Store for some Chromebooks for over a year.

Microsoft is doing its part to unify the Chromebook experience by bringing its entire Office suite to the affordable Windows alternative.

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"So, like we do, we checked every Chrome OS device we have and can confirm they all show every Office app in the Play Store ready for download", says Robby Payne of Chrome Unboxed. Before now, users have been relegated to Google Docs and other Google apps - as well as a handful of Android apps and/or Chrome apps for all their document needs. For example, a lack of Microsoft Office apps on many devices. That left some to wonder if the apps' arrival was still forthcoming, while others explored workarounds. Considering that, at last count, over 1 billion people used Office, this will likely make the selection of a Chromebook easier and more consumer-friendly for some. (A list of which select devices are able to run Google Play is available here).

However, for those who own Chromebooks with larger screens, users will need to have an Office 365 subscription to be able to edit Microsoft Office documents. This is a remarkable and very surprising move as both the companies Google and Microsoft, offer competing products relating to office productivity software. However, a report from ZDNet states that Microsoft Office has been accessible from the beta version of the Play Store to some Chromebook users.

Microsoft hasn't (yet) provided a comment on the news of the apps' arrival.

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