Amazon Australia Is Officially Here (For Real This Time, No Jokes, OK?)

Amazon Australia Is Officially Here (For Real This Time, No Jokes, OK?)

Amazon Australia Is Officially Here (For Real This Time, No Jokes, OK?)

Australians have known Amazon would one day open its electronic doors since April but there was no indication of exactly when it would happen. This time it is very real. Amazon has said that "customers can enjoy free delivery on eligible orders above $49 that are sold by Amazon".

United States ecommerce giant Amazon launched in Australia overnight with its first party retail and marketplace offer. There are no imminent plans to bring it here.

Categories now available include video games, consumer electronics, sports equipment, tools, home improvement products, toys, beauty products, clothing and shoes, as well as the traditional books, Kindles and other Amazon devices. Are you happy?! Now get on with buying your old man USB cables for his birthday, because he keeps losing them.

"While it can be a challenge to ensure potential customers find your website, Amazon already has hundreds of millions of customers around the world searching for new products".

"They can sell at whatever price they like, but I can't and Woolworths can't and Coles can't, how come Amazon can do what they like and break all of the rules but none of us can?"

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Customer orders will be fulfilled from Amazon's new fulfilment centre in Dandenong South.

Amazon will also feature big brands such as Puma, Lego, L'Oreal and Sonos.

Amazon's Australia country manager, Rocco Braeuniger, said in a statement the USA company would "earn the trust" of Australian shoppers and, over time, create "thousands of new jobs".

"By tapping into our global experience and decade of learnings, we are excited to help Australian brands and retailers thrive in what will be a new retail paradigm in our market", Fowler says.

"The most vulnerable businesses will be the second-tier ones in the consumer electronics sector, where Amazon has a strong record of success", Power said, who has studied the "Amazon effect" in the United States and maintains a positive outlook for the Australian retail sector. The result will be an ever-improving customer experience driven by the regular introduction of new products and services that we hope customers will love.

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