Turtle Creek Mall host event for Autistic children

Turtle Creek Mall host event for Autistic children

Turtle Creek Mall host event for Autistic children

"And it really means a lot to be able to go out and if their children do have a meltdown, all of us here understand, so they won't be met with criticism or judgment", Champion Autism Network Director Becky Large said. "We've actually started very early this morning, so that we could see those children".

Evan Flannery has Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism.

"He doesn't like crowds", said parent Angie Flannery.

Getting the kids to the mall to see Santa can be a hassle.

"I'm always appreciative of any type of event or anything that specifies time for special needs because it is a lot harder than people realize and it's nice to have a little help", said Jan Smith, whose son also has special needs.

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"The children's families are able to make an appointment so the children don't have to wait in line quite as long, and it generally makes for a much more positive meaningful experience with Santa", Pinsky said.

The holiday season is an exciting time, especially for children.

"We probably wouldn't do it otherwise right? Maybe we'll potentially be able to do this as a back to school shopping event too", she said.

Some of those changes are shutting off the mall music, turning down the lights and having activities and snacks available for them to enjoy while they're waiting for their visit with Santa.

Sensitive Santa is held in partnership with Autism Speaks, which is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

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