Warning about flu season issued

Warning about flu season issued

Warning about flu season issued

On Tuesday, we spoke with doctors about the flu shot, that might not be very effective this year.

The flu virus spreads through tiny droplets produced when people with the flu cough, sneeze or talk. But what the figures do suggest is that at the current rate, the flu season is likely to peak before the holidays, DeMaria said.

"I hear it might be a heavier flu season", Stephen Turner, the director of environmental health and infectious disease at the Middlesex-London Health Unit, said Wednesday. This after the vaccine wouldn't work on several strains of flu in South America.

While the CDC says flu activity is now low in the US, the peak of the season can occur anywhere from late November through March.

The paper says the implications for the Northern Hemisphere are not clear but states that since most of the USA influenza-vaccine supply is now produced in eggs and the composition of the 2017-2018 Northern Hemisphere vaccine is identical to that used in Australia, it is possible that we will experience low vaccine effectiveness against influenza A (H3N2) viruses and a relatively severe influenza season if they predominate.

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Four states are reporting widespread outbreaks of the flu. "In fact, in a year where it's low effectiveness, it's even more important that everybody get it so we can get as much resistance and we don't allow the virus to thrive and grow and keep changing". Every year, he treats critically ill children whose lives are threatened by the flu. "Taking all the right steps to keeping your health in tact is basically good", said Thaddaeus Crawford, who did not get his flu shot.

Australia's flu season has seen record-high number of flu cases. According to the CDC, the best way *not* to get the flu, is to get vaccinated.

Despite concerns over the effectiveness, experts said the yearly flu vaccine is still recommended, especially for young child, those over age 50 and people who have health conditions that could make contracting the flu particularly unsafe. "And at the end of the day, to know that we might be able to protect the most vulnerable around us with a universal influenza vaccine - that's a reason to get excited about science".

"We often see a season last three months, so there's still time to do it", Dr. Richard Zimmerman, a physician at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, told Newsweek. The nasal spray vaccine that has been available in recent years is no longer considered effective and is not available.

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