Al Franken's selfish, damaging resignation speech

Al Franken's selfish, damaging resignation speech

Al Franken's selfish, damaging resignation speech

Though Franken apologized - Tweeden said she has received three apologies from the senator - as well as acknowledged some wrongdoing and called for an ethics investigation to be initiated, he resisted early calls for his resignation, even after additional accusations of misconduct surfaced. "Which, I don't know what other way to take groping".

"I look forward to working with our new Senator to help Minnesota families and stand up to President Trump and the Republicans' divisive agenda", McCollum said.

"All our almost identical experiences show that this was not a onetime failure of judgment on Senator Franken's part, it was a clear pattern of behavior".

Regardless of Tweeden's past career moves (which were her own choices made with her own agency), the fact remains that she did not want to kiss Franken and she definitely did not want him to take a picture with him groping her breasts.

Franken still has not appeared in the public eye.

Since then, however, multiple women have accused Franken of groping them.

GOP Rep. Trent Franks Expected to Resign Amid Rumors of Inappropriate Behavior
The Republican said the congressman had apparently been making plans to run for Senate in 2012, but abruptly canceled those plans. The governor is required to establish the date of the primary election within 72 hours of the seat being officially vacated.

A fifth woman comes forward with an allegation.

"It doesn't make me feel good but I would use that word", Tweeden added. Army veteran Stephanie Kemplin, of Maineville, Ohio, tells CNN that Franken groped her during a USO Christmas tour in the Middle East in 2003. She said she turned her head and he kissed her on the cheek.

Several women who accused Sen.

One of the women who accused Minnesota Senator Al Franken of sexual harassment leveled more criticism on the "defiant" lawmaker on Friday after he announced his resignation and dismissed numerous claims against him. If he is innocent as he claims (he says some of the allegations were untrue and he remembers the rest differently than his accusers) and if he is as confident that the Ethics Committee would vindicate him as he says, he shouldn't be resigning.

Once Franken knew he would resign, he had a choice. He'll be making an "announcement" on the Senate floor at 11:45 a.m. that many are suspecting may be his resignation. Tina Dupuy told the publication that Franken grabbed a handful of flesh around her waist and squeezed at least twice.

He insists that some of the allegations against him "are simply not true", while he recalls other situations that have come to light in recent weeks "quite differently". Under increasing pressure from his Democratic colleagues, Franken announced that he will be resigning in the coming weeks.

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