Google Maps Will Soon Remind Passengers to Get Off Their Stop

Google Maps Will Soon Remind Passengers to Get Off Their Stop

Google Maps Will Soon Remind Passengers to Get Off Their Stop

Google Maps will reportedly send live notifications mentioning its time to de-board on the user's phone.

For example, if you're looking for a coffee shop in a new neighborhood, you could open Google Maps and look for the nearest orange icon - the color code for Food and Drink places. The feature is still to launch on iOS users.

When you search for directions on Maps, you'll soon be able to tap a Start button towards the bottom of the screen, reports TechCrunch.

Most importantly, this new update will notify you when to get off your bus or train when you're closer to your stop. Live updates will be provided as you walk or ride.

These updates should change that, though Google still has a long way to go if it wants to match the level of detail offered by Citymapper, which also offers useful journey stats and analyses your history to make your commute quicker.

These will appear in both the app and on Android lock screens, according to TechCrunch.

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Google has updated its map color scheme and added new icons to help users quickly identify different points of interest.

Google Maps could soon be implementing layers that highlight air quality levels in cities around the world.

Other recent additions to Google Maps include the new video review feature.

Although Google has already rolled out a version for its trusted tester community, it's unclear when the feature will be made available for all users - and if it will be supported by all platforms.

The motorcycle mode feature on the Google Maps app in India makes special note of the road obstructions and closures on the way to the destination and the status of parking there.

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