Haley displays missile as evidence Iran violating nuclear deal

Haley displays missile as evidence Iran violating nuclear deal

Haley displays missile as evidence Iran violating nuclear deal

"These hyperboles" serve the US agenda in the Middle East including the administration's "unbridled support for the Israeli regime", said the spokesman.

"This evidence demonstrates a pattern of behavior in which Iran sows conflict and extremism in direct violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions", she said.

Dubai is next."Statements by the United Nations and USA, as well as reports by intelligence agencies, are significant because they corroborate and substantiate what Saudi leaders have previously pointed out, that Houthi missiles targeting Riyadh were made by Iran".

In an earlier tweet on Thursday, the chief diplomat also compared Haley's allegations against Iran to those of former us secretary of state Colin Powell who alleged in 2003 that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction in order to make a case for attacking the country.

"The fight against Iranian aggression is the world's fight", said Haley, who later added, "We must speak with one voice in exposing the regime for what it is: a threat to the peace and security of the entire world".

WASHINGTON-The Trump administration tried to mount a case Thursday that Iran violated an worldwide agreement to limit its arms dealing, but USA officials failed to show how an array of weaponry presented as evidence proved the charges.

President Donald Trump has said repeatedly he wants to rip up the Iranian nuclear agreement but has not yet done so.

Iran's envoy to UN, Gholamali Khoshroo, said it was "fake and fabricated" evidence that illustrates America's "irresponsible, destructive and provocative role" in the region, according to a statement carried by Iran's official IRNA news agency.

This in itself does not necessarily contravene the deal, however, as the agreement does not explicitly forbid ballistic missile production or distributing arms. She said Iran is providing weapons in violation of long-standing United Nations embargoes on Iran arms exports as well as its obligations under the 2015 deal with world powers to curb its nuclear program.

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"Everyone has focused on the nuclear deal, and Iran has hidden behind the nuclear deal", Haley said.

Katie Wheelbarger, principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for worldwide security affairs, acknowledged that there could be implications of such an accumulation of evidence against Iran, to include sanctions.

Guterres said the United Nations was studying debris from missiles fired at Yanbu in Saudi Arabia on 22 July and at the capital of Riyadh on 4 November.

"Make no mistake: What Nikki Haley is doing right now is laying the groundwork for a U.S. -Iran war on behalf of Saudi Arabia". "It was made in Iran then sent to Huthi militants in Yemen", Haley said of the missile. "It's hard to find a conflict or a terrorist group in the Middle East that does not have Iran's fingerprints all over it", Haley said.

The Pentagon cited corporate logos of Iranian defense firms on jet vanes that help steer the missile's engine and on the circuit board helping drive its guidance system. This is an evident act of war that could have tragically killed and wounded hundreds of people.The aforementioned statements and reports give further global legitimacy to Saudi Arabia, showing that its accusations against Tehran were based on evidence and objective investigation.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday said Washington is using "alternative facts" to cover up its complicity in war crimes in Yemen.

Iran, it said, appeared to have tried to cover-up the shipment by disassembling the missile for transport, given crude welding used to stitch it back together. The point of the press conference, she said, was to begin a public campaign that highlights Iran's misdeeds. In the weapons the US inspectors did come some USA components though they would not say exactly which components they were.

Mark Dubowitz, an Iranian expert and the CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told CBS News, "The practical reality is that the Trump administration is signaling that they will treat the Houthis as an extension of Iran and Hezbollah and use all instruments of American power to punish Iran for proliferating its Hezbollah surrogates around the region to threaten USA allies".

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