American Version Of The Office Set To Return On NBC Next Year

American Version Of The Office Set To Return On NBC Next Year

American Version Of The Office Set To Return On NBC Next Year

From what we understand, the revival will feature a blend of new and old characters, and jt's been made clear that Steve Carell will NOT be reprising his role as the branch's regional manager, Michael Scott. Dunder Mifflin will again serve as the company where the TV series will take place in. Additionally, John Krasinski is now working with Amazon Studios for their new Jack Ryan series, so he too seems an unlikely returning cast member.

The NBC network is in early discussions to revive the classic comedy show The Office, according to TVLine.

NBC's The Office itself was a remake of the British The Office, which ran for two series in the United Kingdom before the American remake debuted in 2005. That speculation has now grown more real as the network is said to be in talks for a revival.

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NBC and producers Universal Television declined comment.

Just months after bringing back Will & Grace, NBC appears to be making serious moves to revive The Office. Now, even supporting players on the series, like Craig Robinson, who portrayed Darryl, and Mindy Kaling, who portrayed Kelly, are sitcom stars in their own right, with multiple projects in the works. Dwight still remained with Dunder Mifflin last we saw, but as the last RM seen, a search for a new one may signal he's not involved either. Numerous other characters may require serious rewrites to get them back to Scranton. If not, a revival may lose some interest, but also be an avenue for new talent to emerge.

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