Magic Leap's goggles might actually be the VR/AR we've been waiting for

Magic Leap's goggles might actually be the VR/AR we've been waiting for

Magic Leap's goggles might actually be the VR/AR we've been waiting for

Today, the highly-valued augmented reality startup shared early details on the Magic Leap One "Creator's Edition," an AR headset for developers ("Built for Creators") that the company says it will ship in 2018.

Once again, Magic Leap dribbles out its most pertinent information leaving fans to still wonder and speculate about pricing and availability. That's the concept behind AR or "mixed reality". Lastly, the Control is the handheld controller you'll use for navigation.

For years, Magic Leap has raised astronomical rounds of funding from the likes of Google and Alibaba, Fidelity and JP Morgan.

Magic Leap's futuristic goggles, which support environment mapping, precision tracking and soundfield audio, look like nothing we've seen previously, and have reportedly been engineered to be lightweight and comfortable for hours of "exploration" (Oasis here we come!). Previous rumors suggested that the company was having trouble keeping performance up while shrinking everything down to the size of their goggles, but the impressive tech demos seem to refute those concerns. When that future comes, augmented-reality products will do a much better job of delivering what they promise - but for now, they're very impressive computer glasses.

"Our lightfield photonics generate digital light at different depths and blend seamlessly with natural light to produce lifelike digital objects that coexist in the real world", Magic Leap said on Wednesday. This allows objects displayed in mixed-reality to move and react to real-world objects like tables or couches without clipping through them.

Once the developer launch is out of the way we should hopefully hear about a consumer launch.

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There's no word on exactly when you'll be able to buy the Magic Leap One, or indeed how much it will cost (but it will be pricey).

Magic Leap has not revealed the specifications of the tethered computing device, and we don't know enough about it even to speculate. Think Microsoft Hololens, but with a slightly larger field of view.

"This isn't a pair of glasses with a camera on it". "Magic Leap's Lightwear doesn't offer you a field of view that matches your eyes".

Magic Leap's hardware appears to be geared for software makers.

Interacting with the new, virtually overlayed world around you is done through rather traditional means: a familiar-looking motion controller. In the hand, there's a wireless controller offering force control and haptic feedback with six degrees of freedom, smooth movement, and intuitive gesture response. "Here are some of the experiences we've been exploring, but they are just a jumping-off point", according to the company's site.

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